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Poles Have Developed a T-Shirt That Helps Maintain Proper Posture

HEALTH & MEDICINEPoles Have Developed a T-Shirt That Helps Maintain Proper Posture

Up to 85% of the population suffers from spine-related ailments. According to health surveys conducted by GUS (Central Statistical Office of Poland), spine diseases are the second most common cause of chronic illnesses. This is largely due to poor posture. Poles have developed an innovative T-shirt that, thanks to its flexible structure, promotes a straight posture. “In terms of design, this is an innovation not only in Poland but worldwide,” says Wojciech Wojtuszko, founder of

“Hunching over is a growing problem not just in Poland but worldwide. I still remember my childhood when I used to run around the yard playing ball. Nowadays, unfortunately, children often grow up hunched over screens, making this issue much more significant from a young age. We also have much more remote work and screen time, so this problem is increasing,” Wojciech Wojtuszko told Newseria Biznes.

A report by the National Institute of Public Health PZH, “The Health Situation of the Polish Population and Its Conditions,” indicates that lower back pain is among the most burdensome health issues for both women and men. GUS studies show that back pain is among the most common chronic diseases and conditions, affecting about 26% of Poles. Spine problems were prevalent in the 30-49 age group (over 37%), and in the 50-59 age group, they were among the two most frequent conditions (35.6%).

Today, spine pain is one of the most common health problems related to musculoskeletal disorders. Research conducted with the Ariadna panel for Benefit Systems shows that 86% of Poles already complain of back pain. This is largely due to improper posture, hunching over, and spending more and more time in front of screens.

“The best way to deal with hunching or back pain is simply movement; it’s healthiest to have more of it throughout the day. Humans are built for movement. However, today’s environment does not support this; we have less and less movement and it’s hard to motivate oneself. To cope with this, to help, to have more movement throughout the day, there are various activities or devices,” explains the founder of

Experts emphasize that the human body is not designed for prolonged sitting, and even the smallest amount of movement is highly beneficial. A sedentary lifestyle is harmful to the spine. In a seated position, the pressure on the lower spine is much greater than in an upright position. Most of us lead a sedentary lifestyle, which means the spine is almost constantly overloaded. Lack of movement weakens the muscles, which are then unable to support the spine.

“It’s never too late to move. Over time, if someone has spent their life in a hunched position, some changes can indeed become irreversible, such as growths or dowager’s humps. But it’s never too late to move, to change habits, and improve quality of life,” asserts the expert.

The market is seeing more innovative solutions designed to help correct posture and minimize the risk of overloads. Poles have created an innovative T-shirt that, thanks to its flexible structure, promotes a straight posture. Wearing it for just a few minutes a day can help eliminate hunching.

“We created such an innovative posture corrector hidden in a T-shirt. Our straightening T-shirt prevents hunching. You just need to put it on, no additional straps or uncomfortable elements are required, just a T-shirt that encourages more movement and promotes good posture,” explains Wojciech Wojtuszko.

The straightening T-shirt was developed with specialists and works differently than other posture correctors, braces, or back supports available on the market. It is not a tight compression garment or a stiff armor that restricts movement. Thanks to its innovative design, seams, and additional hidden materials, the user automatically straightens up.

“I have a full range of movement. I can be straight or hunch over, but if I hunch, it’s uncomfortable, so it motivates me to straighten up, leading to more movement throughout the day,” the expert points out. “The T-shirt serves more as a reminder. It uses the strength of my own muscles, develops the habit of maintaining good posture, meaning I develop myself, so it’s healthy not only for physical body care but also for building good posture habits.”

Wearing the T-shirt regularly helps maintain proper posture and restores the spine’s physiological alignment. Thanks to its specially designed material and construction, it pulls the shoulder blades back and pushes the chest forward. It works almost immediately, and since it looks like a regular T-shirt, it can even be worn to work.

“Our T-shirt is an innovation in Poland and globally in terms of construction,” asserts the founder of “There are similar solutions in other countries, but they work differently. Our T-shirt is loose on the outside, does not compress or squeeze, so it does not hold me stiffly.”

Over a hundred prototypes were made during the development of the final product, testing the solution with specialists and their patients, experimenting with various materials and designs. The T-shirt is sewn exclusively in Poland, but its creator announces that it will soon be available for sale outside the country.

“We have refined certain things, our vision, mission, and product. With new experiences and under a new brand, we want to start international expansion and build a global brand. We have several ideas on where to go first, probably the UK, but generally European countries like Germany and possibly Scandinavia, where there is a need and high public awareness of the importance of movement and posture,” says Wojciech Wojtuszko.

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