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Poles Gear Up for Christmas Shopping Despite Rising Inflation

COMMERCEPoles Gear Up for Christmas Shopping Despite Rising Inflation

Christmas is just around the corner, but the annual shopping frenzy for many began over a month ago. Research conducted by PAYBACK Poland shows that Poles, despite the rising inflation, have been keen on Christmas shopping this year as well. However, high prices have affected the Christmas shopping decisions of consumers. At the same time, PAYBACK checked whether and how these habits have changed over the course of the year.

When and Where Do We Do Our Christmas Shopping?

Where will we go for groceries for the holidays? The results of a PAYBACK Opinion Poll show that, just like last year, we prefer to shop in discount stores. As much as 78% of the polled Poles plan to do their shopping there this year, while last year 67% said they would. Supermarkets are the second most popular choice. This year, 39% of respondents plan to shop there, almost half as many as in 2022. In 2023, as many as 23% of respondents decided to shop at markets and bazaars, up from 15% last year according to the PAYBACK survey.

Just like last year, most of the surveyed Poles (68%) choose their Christmas shopping venue based on the prices of the products offered. 52% of polled Poles find it crucial that all products are available in one place. This was stated by 51% of respondents last year, whereas for 49% the quality of the products purchased is the most important criterion. This year 7% more of those surveyed said so than last year.

“For most Poles, the price is still the most important factor in making purchasing decisions. This is certainly influenced by inflation and the cost of living, although we also see slight changes in this aspect. Customers are increasingly paying attention to the quality and availability of the products and are more likely to choose those from the higher shelf. They make use of various ways to save money. Occasions like Christmas shopping show how interest in loyalty programs is growing,” comments Katarzyna Grzywaczewska, Marketing Director at PAYBACK Poland. Firstly, as for the amounts we will spend on the Christmas Eve table in 2023, it looks very similar to last year. Nearly half of the respondents declared expenses for this purpose between 101 and 500 PLN. 35% of those surveyed admitted that just like last year, they will spend between 501 and 1000 PLN for Christmas.

Will Santa Come to Us This Year?

It is not a surprise that we prefer to buy Christmas presents online. Last year’s survey by PAYBACK showed that 57% of those polled decided to make their Christmas purchases online. This year, 62% plan to do so. At the same time, the number of people looking for gifts in shopping malls is significantly decreasing. Last year, this type of shopping was declared by 47% of the surveyed Poles, while this year only 40% plan to do so. The least preferred place to look for gifts are hypermarkets, with only 25% of consumers planning to shop there, which is 6% less than in 2022.

The PAYBACK survey reveals that we will spend a similar amount on gifts this year as last year. Usually, we plan to spend between 101 and 500 PLN (47% of those surveyed) or between 501 and 1000 PLN (31% of those surveyed).

According to the surveyed, cosmetics and perfumes (42% of consumers) will remain the most common gifts under the Christmas trees, followed by games and toys (32% of consumers). A growing number of respondents, however, intend to gift books and CDs. Last year 21% of respondents planned such presents, this year it’s 25%.

Christmas Eve in Family Circle

As the results of the PAYBACK survey shows, we plan to spend our festive days mainly at home (51%). 26% of respondents plan to spend Christmas with their families, which is 8% more than last year. Likewise, 18% of respondents plan to celebrate partially at their own home, and partially with family and friends, same as last year. Year on year, the majority of Poles (55%) plan to spend this time meeting with loved ones and friends. During this period, 22% of respondents (3% less than last year) will be taking a break with a good book or TV series.

The PAYBACK Opinion Poll was conducted on participants of the PAYBACK Program between December 4th and 11th, 2023 using an online survey on a group of 700 people. The research group, aged 18-65 years, was selected to match the demographic structure of the country.

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