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PMI for Polish industry has risen to 47.9 points

ECONOMYPMI for Polish industry has risen to 47.9 points

The PMI index for the industry in Poland in February was 47.9 points compared to 47.1 points in January. The market consensus stood at 47.3 points. The index still remains below 50 points, but it seems the worst period is behind us. The industry has been in a slowdown for several months, but there are some positives to be found in the data for the coming months, such as the decreasing rate of production decline and new orders. It’s worth noting that the crisis continues in Germany, where the PMI index fell to 42.5 points in February. The situation on our western border negatively affects the condition of the Polish industry.

Bartosz Wałecki, Analyst Michael / Ström Dom Maklerski

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