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PGE and Nokia Partner to Implement Next-Generation LTE450 Network for Polish Energy Sector

ENERGYPGE and Nokia Partner to Implement Next-Generation LTE450 Network for Polish Energy Sector

The LTE450 Network is a program that aims to accelerate the digitization of Polish energy sector. The completion of the installation of purchased equipment necessary for the launch of the first services in the LTE450 network is planned for the second half of 2024, according to the current schedule. PGE Group has just signed an agreement with Nokia to supply and implement the components necessary for the realization of this project. Under the signed agreement, Nokia will be responsible for delivering and implementing over 600 devices in PGE’s teletransmission network. After the completion of implementation works, it will also be obligated to provide technical support and warranty services for 10 years.

LTE450 is a program that fits into the digitization of the Polish energy sector. It is meant to provide reliable and secure connectivity, crucial for contemporary energy sector that requires integration of renewable energy sources, balancing, or development of energy clusters. The LTE450, combined with network metering, will also provide a constant, real-time image of the functioning of the power distribution network, which will help to shorten the time for outage detection and removal.

“The LTE450 program is a system of the most modern connectivity that we intend to build for the Polish Energy Group, but also for other energy groups in Poland. LTE450 will, among other things, allow data transmission, information circulation, and will offer a support with instructional videos for our field crews,” says Wojciech Dąbrowski, CEO of PGE Polish Energy Group.

By 2024, the LTE450 network is to be initially launched in the section dedicated to PGE Distribution. Meanwhile, work is underway regarding collaboration with other distribution network operators and entities in the energy sector.

“The LTE450 network, which we are implementing at the moment, will take the PGE Distribution to the next level of security and distribution network management,” adds Zbigniew Orkisz, Acting CEO of PGE Systems.

LTE450 will increase security and efficiency of the energy system in the area of PGE Distribution’s operations. Mainly, services will be carried out within the framework of modern dispatcher communication, data transmission for managing energy infrastructure, communication with smart meters, management of technical assets, and operation of terminals for managing work of power engineers in the field.

“From our perspective, the LTE450 Program is crucial. Without efficient connectivity and data transmission, we would not be able to implement, for example, the remote reading meter project [whose installation for all consumers will last until 2030],” says Jarosław Kwasek, CEO of PGE Distribution. “LTE450 is also related to another project, namely Central Power Dispatch. This transfers us to another level of network operation monitoring and network management. This will result in, among other things, our crews or energy emergency response efficiency in crisis situations as well as increased security and delivery reliability to our 5.6 million end customers.”

An important part of the LTE450 system is the teletransmission network, which is crucial for integrating core LTE components (core LTE network) with radio transmitter-receiver devices installed at base stations (RAN, radio devices providing coverage in the 450 MHz band). According to the agreement signed last week, the components required to build this network will be provided and implemented by Nokia Solutions and Networks.

Engaging in the recently signed agreement with Nokia is another step in the implementation of this project, which is crucial for the Polish energy security. Gratification, indeed, that such an acclaimed partner as Nokia has won this tender. This win will pave the way for us to launch LTE450 for the Polish Energy Group next year and later for other energy groups in Poland too.

PGE Systems, a company responsible for delivering IT services throughout the PGE Group will coordinate and manage the entire LTE450 Program. Preliminary work on building a communication network for the energy sector began in August 2018, following the 450 MHz frequency concession grant. Technical and financial efforts have been ongoing since then, allowing for the development of a business-technical model for LTE450 implementation. Meanwhile, at the beginning of 2022, the company started announcing the first tenders.

“There were numerous tenders, and this is one of the last ones necessary to implement and assemble the entire solution,” says Zbigniew Orkisz.

“Approximately 80% of the scope of preparation for procurement proceedings has been completed. We have concluded several contracts, several in the PZP mode. We have now finalized the teletransmission agreement, and we still have a contract to deliver power systems. This is also a public tender, we are at the stage of submitting final offers. We assume that these offers will come to us at the turn of the year and at the beginning of next, we will select the last contractor,” adds Damian Zajączkowski.

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