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National E-Invoicing System (KSeF) will not launch in July. Ministry of Finance: Errors detected in the system

LAWNational E-Invoicing System (KSeF) will not launch in July. Ministry of Finance: Errors detected in the system

The saga related to the mandatory KSeF continues. As early as December, the Ministry of Finance informed that the July date would be kept. During Friday’s press briefing, Minister Andrzej Domański announced that since the beginning of his work in the Ministry, the subject of KSeF was treated as a priority, nevertheless, critical errors were detected that make the implementation of KSeF impossible this year.

“I, as the Minister of Finance, bear responsibility not only for revenues to the budget, but also – and perhaps even primarily – for the stability and predictability of conducting business activities in Poland. We cannot allow a situation where Polish companies cannot issue invoices,” said Minister Andrzej Domański.

“As much as it’s in the great interest not only of the state but also of entrepreneurs to implement the KSeF as soon as possible, the government cannot afford to launch a solution that the market is not yet fully prepared for. As a result of a study conducted by Unifiedpost Group, “KSeF. Facts. Fears. Doubts “, more than 40% of accountants were afraid that the system would not work properly. These concerns have unfortunately not been fully dispelled, and the news of detected errors justifies the correctness of the decision to postpone,” says Krzysztof Pulkiewicz from Banqup.

The errors detected by the Ministry of Finance concern the code, its functionality, and performance system. No details or new deadlines were given.

“We are now waiting for more detailed information, however, the minister’s decision should in no way affect the pace of preparatory work on the part of entrepreneurs, accountants, and IT solution providers. The most important thing is to use this additional time in the most optimal way,” explains Krzysztof Pulkiewicz from Banqup.

In short, the National E-Invoicing System is a mandatory invoice database. The system will eliminate invoices in the format we currently know and replace them with a completely new standard, so-called structured invoices, issued and registered as an XML file for further automatic processing. They are uploaded to a national system, which assigns them the appropriate number and QR code. A structured invoice will be recognized as issued on the day it is sent by the issuer to the system. Invoice issuance information will be stored in the system for 10 years.

The primary goal of introducing KSeF is to tighten the VAT system and reduce the number of irregularities, such as tax evasion or conducting business in the so-called grey area.

Poland – like all European Union countries – is required to enable the receiving and issuing of electronic invoices within a uniform system under the EU directive on VAT in the digital age (ViDA) from December 2022. However, the time to implement these recommendations extends until 2028.

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