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Marshal Hołownia Refuses Constitutional Tribunal’s Order, Vows to Continue Proceedings Against NBP President Glapiński

POLITICSMarshal Hołownia Refuses Constitutional Tribunal's Order, Vows to Continue Proceedings Against NBP President Glapiński

Marshal Hołownia announced that a copy of the Constitutional Tribunal’s decision aimed at preventing the Sejm and its bodies from considering the preliminary motion to hold the president of the National Bank of Poland, Adam Glapiński, accountable before the State Tribunal, has been received. “We conducted very intensive legal analyses of what we received, and I want to state emphatically that the Constitutional Tribunal, by issuing this decision, obviously exceeded its powers,” emphasized Hołownia. He added that the law on the Constitutional Tribunal indicates that such a decision can only be issued in the case of considering a constitutional complaint or a competence dispute between state bodies. “As the Marshal of the Sejm, I stand guard over the dignity of this Chamber, but also the rights of the Sejm, and I cannot imagine a situation where someone would unlawfully interfere with the competences and constitutional rights of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland, therefore I inform you that I will not implement this decision sent by Ms. Julia Przyłębska, and will continue to process, in accordance with the law, the motion to hold President Glapiński accountable before the State Tribunal,” Hołownia stressed. He noted that the legal argumentation of the Sejm Chancellery’s legal services was unanimously supported by the Presidium of the Sejm.

The Marshal of the Sejm also informed that, in view of possible formal deficiencies indicated by the Sejm’s lawyers, he directed the preliminary motion regarding holding the NBP president accountable before the State Tribunal for review by the Constitutional Accountability Commission. If the commission agrees with the opinion of the Sejm Chancellery’s legal services, the motion, in agreement with the Presidium of the Sejm, will be forwarded to the initiators to rectify the deficiencies. According to Hołownia, haste in considering the motion is not advisable. “I believe that it should be carried out without any formal doubts, without a shadow of any legal doubts that anyone might want to raise against such a motion,” Hołownia highlighted.

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