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Managerial Buyout of JNT Group from Enterprise Investors

COMPANIESManagerial Buyout of JNT Group from Enterprise Investors

On Friday, 2nd February, Jakub Nowak signed an agreement with Enterprise Investors for a management buyout of JNT Group from the same investment fund. After the buyout, the President of JNT Group will become the majority owner of the group. Jakub Nowak announces further strong expansion of the company and entry into new market segments, i.e., spirits and beers.

“The over six-year partnership with the fund has been very fruitful for us and taught us a lot. During this time, we grew significantly, becoming the largest single company in Poland producing and distributing wine. This was achieved through dynamic changes implemented in the company, among other things we professionalized the team and modernized the production plant, significantly increasing the company’s production capacity, and we also optimized the product portfolio. We have successfully carried out takeovers of competition both domestically and abroad,” comments Jakub Nowak, CEO, associated with the company for 24 years.

Jakub Nowak is focusing on further development of JNT Group. It is to consist of building a large international-scale entity, thereby proving that such a direction of changes is not only reserved for big Western corporations. The company’s strategy assumes becoming the largest player in the Polish market, while simultaneously building a strong position of the company in international markets.

“The goal of the buyout of JNT Group is further development of the company. We want the company’s revenues to exceed one billion zlotys in 3-5 years. We plan to enter new market segments, such as spirits and beers. We base our ideas for development directions on innovation, which is our strength, and also wide access to the market, which we have earned over the years,” explains Jakub Nowak.

“The company plans to enter further foreign markets. Thanks to these activities, we will be able to pave the way for further acquisitions. They will allow us to consistently become a strong group of an international scale,” adds the President of JNT Group.

In the recent years, the company has been consistently developing, which significantly translates into modern solutions in production, including wines in Poland. During this time, the company acquired brands such as Grzaniec Galicyjski, Wino Makłowicz and Selekcja Makłowicz, and Platinum Wines. In addition, in July 2023, JNT Group began international expansion. Currently, products of the largest Polish wine producer are also available in commercial chains in Romania. The company’s adoption of a new direction of changes is also confirmed by the takeover of a vineyard in Transylvania in December last year.

Jakub Nowak, CEO of JNT Group, Member of the Main Board of the Polish Wine Council

He began his career in 2000 as a sales representative at Jantoń, where in 2001 he became Sales Director, in 2002 – President of the Jantoń Distribution company (currently PDA Distribution) and in 2008 – Vice President of the Jantoń company. He assumed the position of CEO of Jantoń in 2017 and bought the company together with Enterprise Investors, which changed its name to JNT Group in 2019.

Jakub Nowak is dynamically developing the company, focusing on innovation, new distribution networks and product portfolio, modernizing the production plant, and market consolidation. He is the author of, among others, the purchase of the Grzaniec Galicyjski brand or the Platinum Wines company, the introduction of pioneering projects: Makłowicz Recommends, and also Wine of the Chef, carried out in cooperation with Michel Moran, or the purchase of a vineyard in Transylvania and the implementation of the Polish Vineyard in Transylvania project. He created from scratch the Monte Santi brand, which is constantly intensively developed. It is one of the largest brands in the wine market in Poland.

He is effectively developing the companies and brands he is dealing with. Currently, along with investors, he is buying the company from Enterprise Investors, becoming its majority shareholder.

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