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Łukasiewicz – Institute of Aviation Plans Foreign Mission for ILR-33 BURSZTYN 2K Rocket

SCIENCEŁukasiewicz – Institute of Aviation Plans Foreign Mission for ILR-33 BURSZTYN 2K Rocket

Łukasiewicz – Institute of Aviation is planning a foreign mission for the ILR-33 BURSZTYN 2K rocket. This is the next stage of research and development work preparing Polish suborbital rockets for flights in space conditions. The rocket tests, which will take place in July in Norway, are partially funded by the Polish Space Agency (POLSA).

Łukasiewicz – Institute of Aviation is one of the largest research and development institutions in Europe and the largest in the aviation sector in Poland. The Institute has nearly 100 years of experience in aviation and space technology research. It collaborates with the world’s largest, including European, satellite integrators and rocket manufacturers.

ILR-33 BURSZTYN 2K – Breakthrough Space Technology from Poland

The ILR-33 BURSZTYN 2K suborbital rocket, moving at a speed of nearly 1.4 km/s, is intended for technology testing for the space industry and scientific research. It is the world’s first rocket to use 98% concentrated hydrogen peroxide as an oxidizer, making it environmentally friendly. The rocket project, including the hybrid rocket engine and innovative technologies such as the modular on-board computer OBC-K1, EGG1U pyrotechnic cartridges, pyrotechnic valves, and the mobile autonomous launcher WR-2, was entirely developed at the Institute.

Significance for Poland

The ILR-33 BURSZTYN 2K rocket has the potential to launch small payloads to the edge of space, which is crucial for the development of Polish rocket technologies. The Polish Space Agency supports these activities, enabling participation in international rocket projects and the implementation of projects for the Polish Armed Forces.

Tests in Norway

In July of this year, the next stage of tests for the ILR-33 BURSZTYN 2K rocket will take place in Norway. Foreign tests are necessary due to safety requirements associated with the large rocket drop zone. Dr. Adam Okniński, Director of the Space Technology Center, emphasizes that international cooperation is key to the development of launch vehicle technologies.

Future of the ILR-33 BURSZTYN 2K Rocket

The rocket will be used from 2025 to 2027 by the Polish company Thorium Space as part of the NCBiR project “Satellite Remote Sensing System and Communication of Suborbital Research Rockets – PHASE II.” This project aims to develop new technological products for the space sector.

The ILR-33 BURSZTYN 2K rocket is an interesting technological platform for testing components and subsystems in flight, conducting atmospheric research, and launching scientific experiments. It will facilitate access for Polish entities to space and increase the technological readiness level of Polish devices being launched.

Source: Łukasiewicz – Institute of Aviation

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