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Lewiatan Confederation proposes amendments to draft law on assistance to Ukrainian citizens

POLITICSLewiatan Confederation proposes amendments to draft law on assistance to Ukrainian citizens

Maintaining the 14-day deadline for employers to notify the assignment of work to Ukrainian citizens, or extending the rights of medical personnel from Ukraine to practice medical professions, is proposed, among others, by the Lewiatan Confederation in their comments on the draft law on assistance to Ukrainian citizens.

In Sejm, the first reading of a bill has concluded, now to be reviewed by the Commission on Administration and Internal Affairs.

“We propose maintaining the 14-day deadline for employers to notify about assigning work to Ukrainian citizens. The current draft suggests reducing it to 7 days. Shortening the deadline for notifying the assignment of work to Ukrainian citizens would pose difficulties for honest entities fulfilling all formalities related to legal employment. Furthermore, it is worth specifying the provisions regarding the amount of remuneration for Ukrainian citizens, considering the possibility of establishing a minimum wage proportionally to the duration of employment,” says Nadia Kurtieva, an expert from the Lewiatan Confederation.

The Lewiatan Confederation also advocates for abandoning the extension of deadlines in voivodeship offices, clarifying the condition of continuous possession of the PESEL UKR, for at least 365 days in relation to Ukrainian citizens who unjustifiably lost such status and want to obtain a residence permit in a simplified procedure. It also concerns introducing an exception for cases where a temporary residence permit for a Ukrainian citizen is revoked due to leaving Poland for at least 6 months, if leaving Poland is related to being sent to work or provide services outside the borders of the RP by entities conducting business in our country.

“We also propose extending the period in which doctors from Ukraine, who obtained qualifications outside the EU, can be granted permission to practice in Poland,” adds Nadia Kurtieva.

The Lewiatan Confederation is pleased that the proposals made during the consultation stage regarding the obligations of employers hiring Ukrainian citizens have been taken into account. “We positively assess imposing an obligation on Ukrainian citizens to inform the employer about obtaining a decision regarding the residence permit and departing from the obligation to resend the notification in case of a new application for social insurance,” adds Nadia Kurtieva.

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