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InPost Group Continues to Grow in 2023, Delivering 892 Million Parcels

COMPANIESInPost Group Continues to Grow in 2023, Delivering 892 Million Parcels

InPost Group – the leading e-commerce delivery platform in Europe – delivered 892.1 million parcels in 2023, a 20% increase from the previous year. In Poland, the parcel volume reached 589.5 million packages (+16%). Internationally, the volume was 302.6 million items (+28%), of which Mondial Relay delivered 239.9 million parcels (+13%). In the United Kingdom, the second-biggest international market, InPost delivered 46.5 million packages in 2023 – a near-127% increase year-on-year.

Key information:

  • In the fourth quarter, the Group delivered 268.4 million parcels – an increase of 21%, including 175.4 million in Poland (+17% YoY), and 93 million in international markets (+28% YoY).
  • At the end of 2023, InPost had 35,449 Paczkomat® devices (+27% YoY), including 21,969 in Poland (+14% YoY), and 13,480 units in international markets (+56% YoY).
  • The number of lockers at the end of last year was 4.412 million (+24% YoY), including 3.263 million in Poland (+12% YoY) and 1.149 million (+76% YoY) in international markets.
  • In 2023, the InPost Group had 30,615 pick-up points (PUDO), including 3,714 in Poland and 26,901 in other markets.

Rafał Brzoska, founder and CEO of InPost

“The year 2023 was another very good year for the InPost Group, in which we saw a strong, over 20% increase in serviced volumes.

We are the undisputed leader in Poland and are still seeing growth dynamics above the market, and thus we are increasing our share in it. Poland is our benchmark for expansion in international markets. We successfully transfer Polish solutions to foreign markets, which allows the international part of the business to also develop according to plan.

Mondial Relay is well on its way to implementing our strategic plans, focusing on the development of the B2C segment – where volumes in the fourth quarter of 2023 increased by 30% year-on-year. We now have the second-largest parcel machine network in France, and the Group’s plan for 2024 is to become number one.

In the UK, the main goal for 2023 was to solve logistic challenges, which we achieved by buying a stake in Menzies Distributions. With the current, strongly growing demand, the main goal in the UK is to expand the network as quickly as possible. The plan to increase the number of machines in the UK is already underway. Just last December, we set up more than 300 new Paczkomat® devices there, which was the best monthly result in this market. In 2024, we aim to maintain a similar growth rate.

We concluded 2023 with another successful and record parcel peak. On the busiest day, we handled 11 million packages.

Our Paczkomat® devices in Poland, as well as in international markets, performed even better than last year. Some of them achieved utilization of more than 300%. This proves that InPost – remaining the best logistics operator in Poland – is on the right track to successfully duplicate its business model in other countries.”

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