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Hoteliers on the Polish coast expect the best Easter since 2019

HOSPITALITY INDUSTRYHoteliers on the Polish coast expect the best Easter since 2019

Weather forecasts indicate that the upcoming Easter holidays will be conducive to spending time outdoors. Temperatures will be high, and there will be plenty of sun in West Pomerania and no shortage of tourists. – According to the information we have from hoteliers from Koszalin, Świnoujście and Międzyzdroje, these will be the best holidays since 2019. The occupancy rate is estimated at 70-80%, and in some hotels even at 100%. Representatives of the HoReCa sector in the North Chamber of Commerce also talk about the expected revival of gastronomy, which is why many restaurants by the sea will be open as usual. The main factors driving customer and tourist interest are primarily the weather and the desire to relax, even if it is just a short break – says Hanna Mojsiuk, President of the Northern Chamber of Commerce in Szczecin.

“Hoteliers tell us about guests who dreamed of spending Easter on the Baltic”

The hotel and gastronomic sector also noticed a significant tourist movement on the Polish coast in winter. Information from the Northern Chamber of Commerce in Szczecin indicates that this winter saw a record number of gastronomic establishments and hotels remaining open, which can be considered a reversal of the trend of “hibernating” the tourist sector on the Polish coast in winter.

“The interest of tourists is very high and we expect crowds over the Baltic Sea during Easter. Some tourists come here for the weekend. Hoteliers tell us about guests who dreamed of spending Easter on the Baltic and come with their whole families, but we know there will be many one-day guests. A city break by the sea, we arrive in the morning, go for a walk, eat lunch, return in the evening. There will also be a lot of such guests – says Hanna Mojsiuk.

“Certainly, there is a very large interest in spending holidays by the sea, but it is the case that tourists look for places at the last minute or come spontaneously. They see that the weather is nice, they have free time and they come. We are pleased that the season is starting early. In Świnoujście, some hotels are 70% filled for this weekend, and some even 100%” – says Piotr Kośmider, president of the Northern Chamber of Commerce in Świnoujście.

Interestingly, many hotels lowered their prices in the spring.

“There is a downward correction in some locations. This is a matter of preparations for the season, but also a feeling that since inflation is lower, prices should also be adjusted to meet the needs of the Polish tourist,” says Piotr Kośmider, president of the Northern Chamber of Commerce in Świnoujście.

Tourists stay by the sea overnight, but decisions are rather spontaneous

Not only hotels are enjoying a high interest from tourists by the sea. Real estate market experts also admit that the number of lodgings for rent and apartments for rent is large and there is interest from tourists, especially in Świnoujście and other major resorts.

“The interest in apartments here is very high, but the way they are booked is different. We see that few tourists plan a holiday stay by the sea in advance. It is rather planning from day to day or even sometimes spontaneously. Such customers prioritize the standard of the property, but we increasingly see that they prefer to stay in better conditions than in a cheaper place” – says Mirosław Król, real estate market expert.

“The short-term rental sector is not yet preparing for the summer holidays. The rush usually starts from the May holidays” – says Król. “However, there are definitely many vacant apartments for rent. This results from the fact that there are more and more lodgings and apartments by the sea and they are usually offered to tourists and guests all year round” – says the expert of the Northern Chamber of Commerce.

The tourist season on the sea usually starts at the May holiday period, but the HoReCa sector has no doubts that the first revival after winter is always Easter time.

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