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HiPower Energy Group is on track to solve the problem of hydrogen loss during storage and transport

ENERGYHiPower Energy Group is on track to solve the problem of hydrogen loss during storage and transport

HiPower Energy (formerly S.A.), a company listed on the NewConnect market, has entered into an investment agreement with a team of specialists in the field of sol-gel materials, aiming to develop and commercialize an innovative technology for manufacturing and applying a substance that provides an unprecedented level of sealing. As part of the collaboration, the hiPower Institute of Materials will be established, which will offer next-generation sol-gels and a system that allows their application on hydrogen storage tanks and transmission installations.

“The establishment of the Institute is another step towards achieving the strategic goal of HiPower Energy, which is to build a group of companies from the green energy sector, that combines the potential inherent in technological innovations and opportunities for rapid commercialization. We see numerous synergies between HiPower Energy and the new company, particularly due to the rich experience and advanced technological knowledge of both teams. The investment agreement opens up new opportunities for us in terms of expanding the market and product offering, and solving the loss of hydrogen during storage and transportation, a challenge faced by the global hydrogen market,” says Jacek Gliniak, CEO of HiPower Energy.

Sol-gel technology is used to create oxide coatings that form a barrier to hydrogen, reducing the permeability of tanks used for its storage. Scientists who will join the HiPower Institute of Materials have developed an innovative solution based on sol-gel technology, unique worldwide due to its previously unreachable effectiveness, confirmed by a series of laboratory tests. As a result, a new generation anti-corrosive sol-gel has been created, whose application significantly increases the efficiency of hydrogen storage tanks and the tightness of transmission installations.

The hiPower Institute of Materials will offer its solutions to manufacturers of liners for composite tanks and storage tanks. In addition to sol-gel, the company’s offer will also include a system enabling the application of a barrier coating to existing installations – liners, tanks, pipes, and entire hydrogen storage or transmission installations. The use of this system will enable the full utilization of the innovative sol-gel’s properties and a significant reduction in the loss of stored or transmitted hydrogen.

During the first stage of its operations, the HiPower Institute of Materials will focus on developing and commercializing the technology for creating a barrier coating in tanks and pipes, the development of oxide aerogel materials important for thermal insulation, and the development of anti-corrosive and phobic coatings for specified media.

“With the scientists from the HiPower Institute of Materials, we can provide the industry related to hydrogen transport and storage with a technology of proven effectiveness, which will increase the profitability of investments in the green energy sector, mainly by eliminating losses caused by hydrogen leaks. I am convinced that the innovative sol-gel can play an important role in the hydrogen market, but its potential is much larger and also includes the food and construction industries,” summarizes Jacek Gliniak.

The HiPower Energy Group will hold a 30% stake in the share capital of the HiPower Institute of Materials, as well as personal rights to appoint and dismiss the president of the board and one of the vice-presidents of the board.

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