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Half of Poles play mobile games, of which 46% pay for in-game progress. Most often up to 50 PLN.

TECHNOLOGYHalf of Poles play mobile games, of which 46% pay for in-game progress. Most often up to 50 PLN.

Almost half of Poles now play on smartphones or tablets (49%), choosing this form of entertainment because they can play anywhere while having a large selection of free titles without high hardware requirements. This accessibility means that as many as 60% of mobile gamers have downloaded a new game in the past month, 36% in the past week, and 46% want to achieve their goals faster and test more games by using microtransactions. They primarily use virtual purchases to speed up their character’s progression, increase the chance of winning, or to enjoy gameplay without unnecessary interruptions. They typically spend up to 50 zlotys per month – this is the conclusion of a study by Huawei CBG Poland[1].

Eagerly Investing in Progress

Mobile games are a daily routine for Polish smartphone and tablet users, with 49% of Poles using them. A whopping 46% of people playing on these devices pay for in-game progress. This percentage is considerably higher among men (56% of them) than among women (38%). Young adults up to 24 years old are the least likely to use microtransactions (only 31% of them), while those aged 25-34 are the most likely (55%). How much do Poles spend in mobile games? It is most often an amount in the range of 11-50 zlotys, which 22% of mobile gamers decide on monthly. Larger amounts, between 51-100 zlotys, are spent by 8%. And over 100 zlotys per month on mobile gameplay is allocated by 5% of players. A similar proportion (6%) pays less than 10 zlotys per month.

What Do Players Pay for and Why?

Virtual purchases most often concern items (18% of players), skills (17%), virtual currency and season passes (16%), and new outfits or character appearances (14%). Interestingly, a considerably higher percentage among female players than male ones (13% compared to 9%) are willing to pay for unlocking additional missions and inaccessible game places. The most common reason among mobile gamers, why they decide to use microtransactions, is the desire to play longer, without breaks for ads – this was stated by 14% of players. The same number (14%) values quick advancement to the next stage or mission, and 13% of microtransactions help them overcome difficult situations in the game and develop their character faster. The desire to win is the reason for payment indicated by 12% of players.

Hungry for New Games

Why do we like to play on mobile devices so much? According to 68% of players, mobile gaming is popular because it provides full freedom – you can play whenever you feel like it. Also, being able to easily download new titles and not having to meet high hardware requirements – this was stated by 28% of players. The wide choice of free games has encouraged 24% of people in this group to play on a smartphone, and 12% continue the gameplay that started on another platform, i.e. a computer or console. Most mobile gamers in Poland frequently download new titles from the manufacturer’s store.

“App stores, like Huawei’s AppGallery, provide an array of free games with low hardware requirements, meaning they work well on most smartphones. This accessibility of mobile gaming means users are eager to test new titles. Our data shows that 60% of gamers have downloaded a new game in the past month, of which 36% did this in the past week. Therefore, mobile gamers want faster progression and are willing to pay for it – they want to achieve the goal and move to the next title. In response to the expectations of mobile explorers, we regularly add new games to the AppGallery. It’s worth keeping an eye on the store’s offer regularly” – says Dorota Rakowska, Marketing Director at Huawei CBG Poland.

Playing and… Watching, Listening

Do we focus solely on the game while playing, or are there other activities involved? It turns out that as many as 76% of players perform several tasks simultaneously. This multitasking is particularly popular among the youngest gamers (up to 24 years old), among whom it reaches 86%. Most often, we listen to music while playing – almost half of players do this (45%). One in three likes to watch movies and series at the same time (32%), and one in four browses social media (23%). Interestingly, one in ten actively contributes to the gamer community, chatting with others on the game’s communicator.

[1] The survey was conducted in August 2023 at the request of HUAWEI CBG Poland by SW Research using the CAWI method on a representative group of 1,006 people.

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