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EUVIC Solutions invests in Get IT Dan company

COMPANIESEUVIC Solutions invests in Get IT Dan company

EUVIC Solutions, an IT integrator from the EUVIC group, is strengthening its cooperation with consulting firm Get IT Dan by acquiring a 25% stake in the company. This transaction sets a new standard in the IT sector, where the effective implementation of technological innovations needs to go hand in hand with the construction of strategies and processes that allow for their efficient use.

Artificial intelligence, data analytics, and automation are currently redefining the business models of many companies. Businesses must quickly adapt to new technologies to maintain their competitive advantage. Cooperation between integration and consulting companies is a key element that significantly accelerates the process of digital transformation. It provides a comprehensive approach – from planning to implementation and optimization.

“This is not a merger of companies, it’s a merger of visions. Our decision comes from the natural development of the market, which expects complete digitization strategies, not individual implementations. In this way, we avoid the basic problem of introducing old processes into new systems. Together, we will guide clients through the digital revolution, building on solid strategic foundations” says Adam Bajura, CEO of Euvic Solutions.

The tandem of an integrator and consulting company fully utilizes the potential of implemented IT technologies. Combined with know-how, gathered over the years in various industries, it becomes the key to reducing costs, minimizing risk, and above all, reaping long-term benefits from investment in the IT area.

“The cooperation of our companies will result in a comprehensive approach to the challenges faced by clients. Thanks to the combination of a focus on expected value chains, process optimization, and migration of best industry practices with the implementation of specific systems, we will provide a holistic end-to-end approach that the market expects. Our services will allow a better understanding of needs, leading to accurate choices and effective implementation of solutions. The outcome? Direct impact on the increase in return on investment (ROI) and reduction of total cost of ownership (TCO)” says Bartosz Usdrowski, CEO of Get IT Dan.

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