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European Elections: Declining Support for the Green Deal

POLITICSEuropean Elections: Declining Support for the Green Deal

In the European Parliament elections, the European People’s Party (EPP) emerged as the winner, strengthening its position. The losers are the liberals from Renew Europe and the Greens, who fell from fourth to sixth place.

“Considering the good performance of right-wing and far-right parties, the European Parliament’s agenda may shift to the right. In France, the National Rally won almost one-third of the votes, and Prime Minister Meloni’s party in Italy secured more than a quarter. Even if the right-wing in the EP does not unite, it will still play a larger role than before.

This result indicates decreasing voter support for the Green Deal, the EU’s flagship project of recent years. This is most evident in France and Germany, where the Green Party suffered the greatest losses. The EPP’s victory strengthens Ursula von der Leyen’s position as a candidate for the President of the European Commission for the next term, although nothing is certain yet.

I am very pleased that the MEPs with whom we closely collaborated during the previous term will return to the EP. This only shows that it is worth cooperating with business and promoting Polish companies and Polish entrepreneurship. Soon, we will present the priorities of Lewiatan for the years 2024-2029, and we hope to count on the support of the Polish delegation to the EP,” says Kinga Grafa, Deputy Director General for European Affairs at the Lewiatan Confederation.

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