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Developers build more than just houses; they create new lifestyle trends

REAL ESTATEDevelopers build more than just houses; they create new lifestyle trends

Developers are today responsible not only for executing housing investments but increasingly shape trends related to residents’ lifestyles. They work with architects, urban planners and other experts to create places that, aside from their residential function, facilitate the cultivation of health-promoting and environmentally friendly habits, completing the existing urban fabric. Going one step further, the development industry supports apartment buyers from the beginning of the purchase process, through the finishing of the desired “M”, ending with a long-term partnership even after handing over the keys.

What is the idea of creating places from “A to Life”?

Long-term Partnership

With the dynamic progress of urbanization, the role of developers is also redefined. They are required to do more than just erect four walls. Development companies must also shape the urban fabric considering its long-lasting impact on local communities’ functioning. The traditional approach to estate design mainly focused on spatial management and architectural aesthetics. However, contemporary developers increasingly notice that a city is more than just a collection of buildings. The new vision involves creating sustainable, people- and environment-friendly estates where residents have easy access to green spaces, recreational areas and all necessary services.

The promise of creating places “from A to Life” is an approach that sets a new standard in the field of development practices and long-term customer service. It is not just a commitment to deliver a quality product, but full engagement in investor satisfaction at every stage of the process. The role of a developer does not end with handover of the keys – this is only the beginning of a long-term partnership – says Waldemar Olbryk, President of the Board at Archicom.

Comprehensive support

Currently, a developer should also be an advisor, e.g., in the field of interior design and modern smart home solutions. Leading market companies meet the growing customer expectations in terms of apartment finishing. They care about both convenience and speed of the process.

When designing entire estates and individual interiors, we pay attention to the needs and preferences of residents – they are the ultimate beneficiaries of the results of our work. We create real value and offer amenities that set the highest standard of living in response to timeless trends. While building our estates, we follow the concept of the “third place”, i.e., comprehensive space to rest from everyday life at home and work. It should constitute a neutral zone where residents can maintain social life or spend their free time actively – explains Waldemar Olbryk.

The urban fabric plays a key role in residents’ quality of life. Developers strive to create places that are accessible, safe and ecological. It’s not just about location but also the entire infrastructure and sustainable urban solutions. This specific structure shapes the daily life of its residents, affects their health, mobility, and also defines a sense of community and lifestyle. Although modern cities face challenges related to climate change, rapid population growth, or evolving social needs, the responsible development industry finds ways to confront them.

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