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Corporate Bond Funds Remain Strong in 2024

INVESTINGCorporate Bond Funds Remain Strong in 2024

December was the second-strongest month in terms of net inflows from investors into corporate bond funds in 2023, reaching 376 million PLN. The only better month was September, during which net inflows into this class of assets were 411 million PLN. Thus, December was the seventh consecutive month with a predominance of net inflows, which totaled over 2 billion PLN during this time.

These data are not surprising in the light of two facts. Firstly, the generally strong inflows into debt funds in this period, on average, they were just over 2 billion PLN per month. An equally important factor (if not more important) is the strong performance of corporate bond funds. In the last month alone, they earned an average of 1.40 percent, and their average return rate for the past 12 months is 11.50 percent. Secondly, high net inflows coupled with positive return rates resulted in the assets of corporate bond funds growing to 10.77 billion PLN. This represents a monthly increase of 5.1 percent.

Attractive returns, lack of materialization of credit risk, satisfying liquidity, a large number of public emissions increasing awareness and market presence are the basic factors in favor of this class of assets. The year 2024 also promises to be optimistic.

Szymon Gil, Broker Michael / Ström Brokerage House

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