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AI Sparks Education Revolution: Personalized Learning & Adaptive Pathways

EDUCATIONAI Sparks Education Revolution: Personalized Learning & Adaptive Pathways

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be a tool for exploration – working with AI models can be beneficial for biologists, historians, pharmacists. It can be a technology highly useful in performing a variety of tasks – including visualization, presentation. It is necessary to teach responsible, ethical use of artificial intelligence – as it cannot be prohibited or stopped. There are high hopes that the education sector can benefit significantly from AI. A teacher, teaching a group of 30 people, can adapt the educational path and tasks to the needs and skills of students more effectively with the help of a special AI tool.

“We are preparing a grant that pertains to the topic of artificial intelligence in the education sector, especially higher education,” said Professor Aleksandra Przegalińska, Vice-Rector of the Leon Kozminski Academy, Harvard University, to service. “I must say that the conclusions we have worked out together with partners from all over Europe – because there are 10 universities working on this application – are such that change in the field of education, when it comes to AI, can be really fundamental. Artificial intelligence, specifically Chat GPT, is most notably known as somewhat suspicious system that can be exploited to complete homework. However, that’s not all. When it comes to higher education, we can imagine that there would be a place for AI in university management. For instance, AI could be useful to recommend the best courses to students, personalize their educational path. That’s what our project is about,” explains Przegalińska.

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