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5G smartphones gaining popularity in Poland, but usage habits remain unchanged

TECHNOLOGY5G smartphones gaining popularity in Poland, but usage habits remain unchanged

As part of their study, Deloitte experts asked Poles about their preferences regarding the use of mobile phones. The most popular type of mobile phone is the smartphone, with 97 percent of respondents declaring ownership. The survey results also show an increase in the prevalence of 5G network technology, offering faster data transmission compared to previous generation networks. Already, every second Polish smartphone user has a 5G device.

Although the 5G network provides the capability of high-speed data transmission, the users of such devices have not significantly altered their mobile phone usage habits. When asked whether having a 5G device meant they used social media and streaming platforms more frequently or communicated with their loved ones, the majority responded that the frequency of such activities has not changed. The largest change can be seen in the category of watching live broadcasts: four out of ten respondents said they do this more frequently than when they had devices of previous generations. The survey participants were also asked if their next phone would be a 5G smartphone. Although 38 percent answered affirmatively to the question, 3 p.p. more respondents said they did not have an opinion on this matter. When asked for the reason for not wanting to change their device for a newer one, every second respondent said they could perform all activities on a phone without 5G access, every fifth had no opinion on this matter, and 17 percent considered 5G smartphones too expensive.

“Even though 5G technology is becoming more popular among Polish consumers, there is a relatively low awareness of all the possibilities such devices offer. Furthermore, many people are under the impression that 5G smartphones are too expensive, providing an important signal to distributors of such devices. Effective information campaigns, coupled with sensible pricing policies, can help increase consumer interest in such solutions and ultimately bring additional benefits to companies in the telecommunications industry,” says Sławomir Lubak, partner, leader of the Telecommunications, Media and Technology industry, Deloitte.

The Survey

The latest version of the survey was conducted at the end of December 2023. It was the 50th edition conducted globally and the 41st participated by Polish consumers. In total, Deloitte experts surveyed residents of 19 countries, besides Poland, these were citizens of: Saudi Arabia, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, the Netherlands, Spain, France, Germany, India, Japan, Mexico, South Africa, South Korea, Italy, UK, USA, and the United Arab Emirates.

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